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from Candlemark & Gleam Publishing

Red Spawn Delivery

Book 3 in the Webrid Chronicles

More outrageous interplanetary adventures

from everyone's favorite every-alien

How can a picnic go so wrong?

Ganpril Webrid’s grandfather always told him not to use his cart unless he was getting paid for it. But this huge, hairy carter on the planet Bexilla let a friend talk him into carting beers and grub to a picnic with her old college roommate.

Worst mistake he ever made. Before he can even burp up his first sandwich, the ol’ roomie stretches out her ten shiny legs, and out pop a hundred spawn. And before Webrid can settle his churning stomach, fifty of those spawn have been kidnapped.

Like it or not, Webrid finds himself on another planet-hopping adventure with snarky, brainy pals Zatell and Stravin and a host of wacky aliens. This time, Webrid’s cart is a playpen — or it will be, if he can only find those blasted spawn.

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