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Anne E. Johnson - Author

Freelance Writer & Editor

Published Poems by Anne E. Johnson

"The Beloved Color." Kaleidotrope. Scheduled for 2022.

"Psalm One." Ancient Paths. October, 2019. Read it!

"The Given Soul." Changelings & Fairy Rings. Three Drops Press, 2019.

"A Prank Too Far." Darkling's Beasts and Brews. Lycan Valley Press, 2019.

"Sacrifice as Triumph." Song of Eretz Poetry Review. March/April 2019. Read it!

"Worcestershire." The Literary Hatchet. Issue 21, Sept. 2018, p. 126.

"Reliquary." Helios Quarterly, Vol. 3, No. 1, 2018.

"I Cherish Allegra." In Celebration of Sisters. 2017.

"Dead and Alive in Turkey Run." Visions with Voices. Summer 2017. Listen to or read it here.