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Ebenezer's Locker


Anne E. Johnson's paranormal mystery novel for tweens is NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE.

Stay tuned for a new edition in 2017!

"A very entertaining read...I recommend it to all middle grade readers." KidsBookFinder

"Fast paced, humorous...a good pick for kids who like 'haunted school' stories..." Readatouille

"Extremely well written and easily incorporates fantasy into real life..." BeachBoundBooks


A hundred years ago, Corbin Elementary School's building housed Dr. Ebenezer Corbin's School for Psychical Research. It seems that a couple of old spirits are still wandering the halls. It's up to Rhonda Zymler to find out what they want.

Ebenezer's Locker follows the adventures of Rhonda, a sassy sixth-grader who's having trouble finding her place and identity. Getting to know these spirits becomes Rhonda's quest. The more she digs, the more perilous her task becomes, and to complete it she must take two trips back in time. This story blends the realities of an economically-challenged modern American town with supernatural elements. What Rhonda finds not only gives her life a sense of purpose, but changes the fortunes of her entire town.

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