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Trouble at the Scriptorium

Enhance your curriculum with exciting historical fiction. Available directly from Royal Fireworks Press.


"A suspenseful novel of life-or-death intrigue, Trouble at the Scriptorium keeps the reader hooked until the very end." - Midwest Book Review Children's Bookshelf


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Anne E. Johnson's medieval mystery novel for tweens, Trouble at the Scriptorium, features a twelve-year-old boy named Harley. It takes place in a fiefdom north of London.

There are missing jewels, a missing monk, and a secret message hidden in a book of Gregorian chant! Good thing twelve-year-old Lady Margaret reads Latin, but Harley sure finds it hard to know how to behave around a noble girl he wants to be friends with.

Harley's father is a traveling jester, his mother a lady’s maid, his uncle the monks’ choirmaster.  Through Harley’s eyes, the reader experiences life in a medieval English castle, village, and monastery.  

 Trouble at the Scriptorium available now from Royal Fireworks Press

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Click here for TEACHING RESOURCES to accompany Trouble at the Scriptorium


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