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Teaching resources for Trouble at the Scriptorium

The missing manuscript page in Trouble at the Scriptorium contains Psalm 50, Redemptor meus vivit. This video is a recording of Psalm 50. It also shows the Psalm written in "Vatican notation", which is a modern combination of several types of medieval notation.

There were very few organs in the 13th century, so Harley would have heard the melody simply sung by the monks. (In this video, the singing starts at 0:34, after an organ intro.)

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Click here to page through a thirteenth-century Gregorian chant book similar to the one described in Trouble at the Scriptorium. 


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 The J. Paul Getty Museum offers a wonderful collection of online resources about medieval books and illuminations on this page, set up for a past exhibition.


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Click here for an outstanding video about making medieval manuscripts. 

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This site  and this site provide information about the medieval castles in Britain and Ireland. 


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You can read a brief, clear history of music notation in medieval Europe here

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