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Nonfiction works by Anne E. Johnson

Off the Charts, biweekly column in PS Audio's Copper Magazine.

           "Queen in the '70s" Read it!            "Queen after the '70s" Read it!

           "Marianne Faithfull" Read it!            "Dan Fogelberg" Read it!

           "The Who" Read it!                          "Imogen Heap" Read it!

           "Peter Gabriel" Read it!                   "R.E.M." Read it!

           "Fleetwood Mac" Read it!                "Tracy Chapman" Read it!

...And Indie For All, biweekly column in PS Audio's Copper Magazine.

"Anais Mitchell" Read it!                  "Brendan Maclean" Read it!

"Hannah McPhillimy" Read it!          "Pura Fé" Read it!

"Andy Suzuki" Read it!                    "JFDR" Read it!

"Little Simz" Read it!                       "Adrian Crowley" Read it!

"Deborah Conway" Read it!            "Sunflower Bean" Read it!

"Petite Noir" Read it!                       "Anohni" Read it!

"Alice Phoebe Lou" Read it!            "Mashrou' Leila" Read it!

"Celisse Henderson" Read it!         "Hurray for the Riff Raff" Read it!

"Crying" Read it!                             "Matthew and the Atlas" Read it!

"Valerie June" Read it!                    "Yellow Light Machine" Read it!

"David Myles" Read it!                    "Jesca Hoop" Read it!

"Piano Club" Read it!                      "Be Steadwell" Read it!

"The F16's" Read it!                        "Michelle Zauner" Read it!

"The Sea and Cake" Read it!          "Heather Maloney" Read it!

           "Electric Guest" Read it!                  "Claudia Schmidt" Read it!

Music recording reviews for PS Audio's Copper Magazine.

"Gregorian Chant" Read it!             "Caldara" Read it!     

"Lute!" Read it!                               "Henry Purcell" Read it!

"Frescobaldi" Read it!                    "British & Irish Music" Read it!

"The Great 78 Project" Read it!     "Heinrich Isaac" Read it!

"Mozart Chamber Music" Read it!  "Bach Violin Sonatas" Read it!

"Unusual Madrigals" Read it!         "Schubert's Winterreise" Read it!

"Die Schöne Müllerin" Read it!      "Tomas Luis de Victoria" Read it!

"CPE Bach Sonatas" Read it!        "Orlando Gibbons" Read it!

"G.B. Sammartini" Read it!             "Schubert Symphonies" Read it!

"Medieval Spanish Chant" Read it!

"Keyboard Partners Bring Spectacular Virtuosity to Bear." Classical Voice North America. Oct. 29, 2018. Read it!

"The Neighborhood Is Threatened by Hip Replacements." Classical Voice North America. Oct. 16, 2018. Read it!

"An Island's Natives Resist, in English, Spanish, and Yiddish." Classical Voice North America. Sept. 19, 2018. Read it!

"Huddled Masses Hitch a Ride on Haydn's Creation." Classical Voice North America. July 25, 2018. Read it!

"Quartet Summons a Time and Place in Musical History." Classical Voice North America. May 18, 2018. Read it!

"Finally, Cendrillon Gets to the Met, and It's Magical." Classical Voice North America. April 16, 2018. Read it!

"Double Dose of Pygmalion Tale from City Opera." Classical Voice North America. March 28, 2018. Read it! 

"From the Steppes, a Night of Music, Film, Guesswork." Classical Voice North America. March 27, 2018. Read it!

"Unparsable Lines + Beautiful Music = 6. 20. Outrageous." Classical Voice North America. Feb. 15, 2018. Read it!

"Four Wild Nights in a Brooklyn Music Incubator." Classical Voice North America. Jan. 18, 2018. Read it!

"Happy 350th, François!" Early Music America. Jan. 15, 2018. Read it!

"English Singers' Early Recordings Live Again." Early Music America. Nov. 20, 2017. Read it!

“High Season for the Low Countries: New York Early Music Celebration.” Classical Voice North America, Oct. 24, 2017. Read it!

"18 Awards for Children's Books." Authors Publish. Sept., 2017. Read it!

"Puccini's Western Finds Comfy Home at NYCO." Classical Voice North America. Sept. 11, 2017. Read it!

"Research 101 - Going to the Library in the Internet Age." Astrohaus Freewrite Blog. August, 2017. Read it!

Review of 'Madagascar: A Musical Adventure' at Chicago Shakespeare Theater. Chicago on the Aisle. July 25, 2017. Read it!

Review of violinist Angelo Xiang Yu at Grant Park Music Festival. Chicago on the Aisle. July 20, 2017. Read it!

Interview with opera singer Susanna Phillips. Chicago on the Aisle. June 20, 2017. Read it!

"Youth Speaks Transformatively in Silent Voices." Classical Voice North America. May 16, 2017. Read it!

"Mannes Celebrates Training Musicians Through a Century." Classical Voice North America. April 23, 2017. Read it!

“Women Speculative Fiction Writers Form Broad Universe.” WomenArts. April 12, 2017. Read it!

"Verdi's Requiem, As Bold Act by Nazi-Era Jews." Chicago on the Aisle. March 21, 2017. Read it!

“Concert for America Brings Stellar Benefit to Chicago.” Chicago on the Aisle. March 18, 2017. Read it!

“Exploring Ancient India.” Exploring Ancient Civilizations series, 12-Story Press, 2017.

"11 Magazines that Pay for Short Stories for Teens and/or Children." Freedom with Writing. June 14, 2016. Read it!

"Lawn Awaits - Stars Have Got You Covered: Downbeat is Coming Up at Grant Park Fest." Chicago on the Aisle. June 13, 2016. Read it!

“Tour Stop Ravinia 2016: Stars of Country, Rock, Indie, R&B and Jazz Are Headed This Way.” Chicago on the Aisle. June 11, 2016. Read it!

“Tan Dun’s ‘Water Passion,’ Levine’s Return Highlight Ravinia’s Summer Classical Lineup.” Chicago on the Aisle. June 8, 2016. Read it!

"Singing on a Grave." Sweatpants and Coffee. May 30, 2016. Read it!

"New Orpheus Opera By Anais Mitchell Recasts Legend In American Mold." Classical Voice North America. May 5, 2016. Read it!

"Musical 'We Will Rock You' to Test the Embrace of Queen's Charm." Chicago on the Aisle. Oct. 19, 2013. Read it!

"Utopian Future." Essay for The Oracle Exhibition, "What Is Your Prophecy for the Future." Sept. 12-Oct. 6, 2013, The Wand Gallery, Berlin, Germany.

“A Sailor’s Heart.”  Pink Chameleon Online, No. 11, June, 2010. Read it!

"Not Your Typical Game of Catch.” Stories for Children.  December, 2009, pp. 10-11.

Ten reviews of classical music recordings in Tower Records’ Pulse Magazine. Sept., 1999 – April, 2001.

“A Bit of Bach,” Stagebill, Lincoln Center Mostly Mozart Festival (August, 2000), pp. 9-11, 28-29.

“OK, Everyone in Tune, Whatever That Means,” The New York Times Arts & Leisure, March 14, 1999, pp. 36, 39.

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