Anne E. Johnson - Author

Freelance Writer & Editor

Stories for Kids

“Safe in the Dome.” Young Explorers Adventure Guide 2018. Scheduled.

"Dread Colmina." FrostFire Worlds. Scheduled November, 2017.

"The Other Monster." Bedtime Stories. Patchwork Raven, scheduled 2017.

"Nica and the Whales." Spaceports & Spidersilk. April, 2017.

"Mighty Pirra." FrostFire Worlds. February, 2017.

"Endangered Magic." FrostFire Worlds. August, 2016.

"Sleeping in Space." Spaceports & Spidersilk. July, 2016.

"Space Dust Smoothies." EpiFiction, 2016.

“Leafheart.” 2016 Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide. Dreaming Robot Press, 2016.

“Another Sunset.” A Thousand Words for War. CBAY Publishing, 2016.

“Spirit King under the Yellow-White Sky.” Refractions, Spring 2016.

"Playing for the Kingdom." FrostFire Worlds, February, 2016.

"Water Beneath Dry Grasses." FrostFire Worlds, August, 2015.

“Toori’s Constellation.” Young Adventurers Anthology. Intrigue Publishing, 2015.

“The Squeaky Clean Elf.” Schoolwide, Inc., scheduled for 2015.

“Beetle Painting.” Wee Tales, Vol. 2. Spring, 2015.

“Alien on the Eighteenth Floor.” Red Squirrel Magazine. Spring, 2015.

“It Pays to Ask a Nerd.” Rainbow Riot. March, 2015.

“The Thieving Rain.” Issues in Earth Science. March, 2015. Read it!

“Magic, Music, and Greed.” FrostFire Worlds. February, 2015.

“Andre’s Alice.” Slink Chunk Press. February, 2015.

“Standing up.” Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide 2015, Dreaming Robot Press, 2015.

“Chrysanthemum and Gray Flower.” Rainbow Riot. October, 2014. Read it!

“Ivy’s Vine.” Wee Tales, Vol. 1, October, 2014.

“Song from Silence.” FrostFire Worlds. August, 2014.

“Magic Carpet.” Rainbow Rumpus. July, 2014. Read it!

“To Be a Tree.” Spaceports & Spidersilk. April, 2014.

“Iguana on the Run.” Rainbow Rumpus. April, 2014. Read it!

“Dragon’s Daughter.” FrostFire Worlds. February, 2014.

“Bark of the Covenant.” Co-authored with Araminta Star Matthews. e-story in One Night Stands series. Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, December, 2013.

“Rain Puddle Man.” Spaceports & Spidersilk. October, 2013.

“Koob and Akilah.” FrostFire Worlds. August, 2013.

“Radish.” Red Squirrel Magazine. June, 2013.

“A Dragon in the Ice Cream.” Knowonder! March, 2013.

“Letter Lunch.” Knowonder! October, 2012. 

“Jessica Doubt.” Knowonder! August, 2012. 

“Aquarium.” Drunk Monkeys, April, 2012. 

“Vitamin C.” Spaceports & Spidersilk. March, 2012. 

“Braids.” Resilience. YA anthology, ed. E. Nguyen, January, 2012.

“Cheering Up a Friend.” Knowonder! December 16, 2011. 

“Big Rock in the Big Slime River.” Knowonder! November 18, 2011. 

“The Silver Visitors.” Spaceports & Spidersilk. September, 2011. 

“Skinny Old Doug.” Underneath the Juniper Tree. July, 2011. 

“Birthday in Central Park.” Literature for Kids. June, 2011.

“Slug and Snail.” Stories for Children. Vol. 4, No. 1, April, 2011.

“The Crusty-Hearted Man.” Hogglepot, Vol. 1, No. 1. May, 2011. Read it!

“Red Mountain.” Spaceports & Spidersilk. Vol. 4, No. 1. March, 2011.

“Brains Coming Out of My Ears.” Crow Toes Quarterly, Issue 15, Fall, 2010.

“Airsick over Planet Ekka.” Spaceports & Spidersilk, March, 2010.

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One minute, Shelly is on her fire escape in Detroit. The next, she's in a strange land with two rival fairy battalions flying toward her. A twist on urban fantasy for ages 8-12.

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