Anne E. Johnson - Author

Freelance Writer & Editor

Stories for Adults

“Michelin Choice.” LongShorts (app). Scheduled for spring, 2017.

“Final Trait.” 4 Star Stories. Scheduled for spring, 2017.

"New World Symphony." SciPhi Journal. October, 2016.

"Unexpected." 200cc's. August, 2016.

"In-Flight Music." 100 Voices. Centum Press. July, 2016.

"Carrying Cries." 200cc's. July, 2016. Read it!

"Dreamwire." Futuristica, Vol. 1. Summer, 2016.

"Calming Flowers." Mash Stories, May, 2016. 

"No One's Land." Mosaics Vol. 2: Collection of Independent Women. Spring, 2016.

“Proof of Reincar(bo)nation.” Alternate Hilarities 5. Strange Musings Press, 2016.

"Moving the Floral Sea." Perihelion SF. October, 2015.

"The Motherlode." Weirder Science. Strange Musings Press. 2015.

"The Eloquence Ward." Every Day Fiction. 2015.

"North on the New Haven Line." Story of the Month Club.  July, 2015.

"The Duchess of Fitzrovia." Urban Fantasy Magazine. June, 2015. 

"All Comms Down." Perihelion SF. February, 2015. 

"Child of the River." Magical: An Anthology of Fantasy... December, 2014. 

"Aquarium." The Ironic Fantastic, #3, September 2014. 

"The Love Gun." Romantic Ruckus. Strange Musings Press, 2014. 

"The Shroomtown Files." Liquid Imagination. February, 2014. 

Series of eight drabbles (100-word stories). SpeckLit. Dec. 2013- April 2014:

"Royal Beauty" 

"Shoddy Construction" 

"Global Warming" 

"Bully Balloons"  READERS' CHOICE AWARD!

"Plant Life" 


"Stitching Death" READERS' CHOICE AWARD!

"New World Symphony." Old Hedgy Times. December, 2013. 

"Bark of the Covenant." Co-authored with Araminta Matthews. Scheduled for One-Night Stand series, Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, 2013.

"Barnett Hill." The WiFiles. January, 2013. 

"Red Ninjas." Drunk Monkeys. November 23, 2012.

"Lacuna." The Future Fire 23. June, 2012. 

"A Long Way Down Broadway." Drunk Monkeys Anthology, Vol. 2.

"Aquarium." Drunk Monkeys, April, 2012.

"Beyond Rainbow." Kazka Press 713 Fiction, February 2012.  

"Sisters' Sight." Etched Offerings: Voices from the Cauldron. Misanthrope Press. December, 2011.

"Stir-Fried Cerebrum." So Long, and Thanks for All the Brains. Dead Avenue Press. December, 2011.

"The Orpheus Factor." Shelter of Daylight. Fall, 2011.

"Table Manners, or the Myth of Tantalus." Greek Myths Revisited Anthology. Wicked East Press. October, 2011.

"A Sailor's Heart."  Pink Chameleon Online, No. 11, June, 2010.